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The platform is seen as a coming together of Ethereum-based smart contracts technology and the transparent settlement system of Bitcoin’s blockchain.

Ethereum was designed with smart contracts as central to its platform. In order to allow the drive chain mechanism to take its course, we must rely on Bitcoin miners to behave honestly when dealing with the release of locked BTC. RSK tokens are principally created for quick movement of bitcoin, extending its functions in RSK smart contracts. If Rootstock can deliver on speed in the short term, then this might be enough to get Bitcoin users and companies excited. Since Ethereum is a very established and trusted dApp platform, Rootstock virtually needed this functionality, so that it can more effectively attract developers from Ethereum and other platforms.

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  • March 26, 2018
  • ICO

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Smart contract support is coming to Bitcoin as a sidechain called Rootstock (RSK). Services that will be provided will be Bitcoin Stock brokerage, Bitcoin current accounts, and a P2P platform. Saurabh Chaturvedi is a developer focussed on Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto You just have to trust them to hold on to your Bitcoin long enough to do the smart contract thing… sure… Problematic, much? Market The project competitors are other suppliers of smart contracts on crypto currency such as Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, NEO, NEM, Qtum, Ethereum Classic, Lisk, Stratis and Counterparty.

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A lot of developers and Bitcoin enthusiasts are looking forward to issuing smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Rootstock presents many advantages when compared to other smart contract platforms. Team realized a potential of smart contract and currently developing RSK Smart Contracts Rootstock that will go head-to-head with Etherium’s today offerings. What is Rootstock Rootstock (RSK) is a smart contract platform that is connected to the Bitcoin blockchain through sidechain technology. Rootstock will not mint its own currency, and so it will not be a competitor to Bitcoin. Trying to basically embed Ethereum into the Bitcoin ecosystem may not go well.

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If the protocol works as advertised, we may see a less burdened Bitcoin blockchain without sacrificing decentralization.

If you have a fairly powerful computer that is almost always online, you can help the network by running Bitcoin Core. First of all, Rootstock will introduce smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain, which is quite a significant development. The connection of RSK network with Bitcoin network, which features the largest user base in crypto space is the most important advantage of RSK network. But, in short, the sidechain is a blockchain that exists separately from the main chain of bitcoin blocks, but the funds can move in both directions. Bitcoin’s scripting language seems like a toy when compared with Solidity, which is Ethereum’s Turing-complete scripting language.

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Smart contracts should be embraced – as long at they are operating on the Bitcoin platform.

Although Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to get serious adoption, it certainly wasn’t the first platform for decentralised apps. Instead, the account unit called the RTC used to pay for transactions in Rootstock will be linked to bitcoin. The compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) will allow dApps to be ported from Ethereum’s blockchain to Rootstock. Given this, the main network for RSC – Bitcoin exceeds the capitalization of the closest competitor Ethereum 2,4 times. However, having an extension like Rootstock is certainly a better thing for Bitcoin than to continue its journey in an increasingly competitive industry with a limited scripting language.

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To be more specific, Rootstock positions itself as an open-source smart contract platform that has a two-way peg to Bitcoin.

This is an intelligent design choice, because it allows applications already written for the Ethereum platform to work on the Bitcoin platform via Rootstock. This allows developers who work on Ethereum to use Bitcoin blockchain advantages. Another benefit provided by Rootstock comes in the form of scalability, a topic of substantial debate in the world of Bitcoin right now. Those that rejected DApps probably don’t want Ethereum ideologies in the middle of Bitcoin “innovation”. I’m just curious if bitcoin would still be first in market cap based on recent projects in both coins.