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Communication is a big part of our roadmap, and the platform will support a number of communication methods over time.

A Universe is split into Shards, where nodes are not required to store a complete copy of the global ledger or state. I spent about 6 months in total forming ideas, drafting architectures and such to determine what was possible before actually starting the eMunie project. Radix is going to allow for debit cards that are completely independent of payment providers such as Visa. Once the final stages of development are completed and eMunie is ready to launch, marketing will be a key area of focus and priority. I originally thought that I could develop the technology and have a release candidate ready in 6-8 months, which was achievable with the original scope. Description: Radix is the first, truly scalable, Distributed Ledger Protocol for trustless systems.

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  • A networked cluster of nodes
  • A global ledger database distributed across the nodes
  • An algorithm for generating a cryptographically secure record of temporally ordered events.

When can we expect eMunie to come out of beta phase?

Dominik is a young entrepreneur and Co-founder of IOTA, a new distributed ledger technology and non-profit Foundation in Germany. The first method is simply interest on account balance, whereby an account with an EMU balance can claim a portion of any newly required supply into existence. NewsBTC recent got a chance to speak with the founder and creator of eMunie, Dan Hughes. An instance of the tempo is called a universe, and any event occurring within that universe such as a transaction is called an atom. The improved performance that balance tracking and channels provides, plus the act of partitioning allows the network to have extremely high rates of transactional processing capability. During December of 2014-Feb 2015 I implemented the new ‘channelled ledger’ design and rolled out the first test client to the beta testers.

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Radix wants to build an efficient system for rewarding network participants and its initiative will help to create successful decentralized networks.

Radix has been developing a decentralized development language called scrypto which is based on javascript and typescript so the learning curve is not steep. Transfer Atoms are used to transfer the ownership of an item, such as currency, to another party. They project is aiming to bring crypto into the mainstream by solving many of the setback other cryptos face. The buffer is also a primary factor in reducing the currency supply in the event of excess,  as reserves can be burnt. Radix uses a standard EMV card to broadcast transactions to the Radix Public Network. These claims, or interest, can be made at any time and an account does not have to be online to be eligible.

Buy Radix DLT ICO Whitelist

eMunie has been in development now for around 2.5 years, with the first code cut back in March 2013.

Doesn’t anonymous transaction service expose eMunie to legal threats? Before starting the eMunie project, I was looking for something new to get my teeth into and had known about Bitcoin for some time. An account may be offline for a prolonged period of time, and upon that account being opened in the users client, any and all past interest claims can be made. As my investigations took me deeper into Bitcoin and block chain technology, I realized that although this was extremely ground-breaking stuff, it was still very much a proof of concept/experiment. Prior to Radix, he has helped develop the software required to securely deploy NFC based payments in mobile phones. So who is behind Radix?

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So tempo is the name of the ledger system used in Radix.

Radix cryptocurrency can be enabled on standard Point of Sale solutions that are in current use! We looked at the currency supply first of all and decided we had to consider both variables of currency, that is value and quantity, to achieve long term stability. SpaceChain is actively building the world’s first open source satellite network, to enable a next-generation infrastructure for blockchain industry. The network as a whole can then take steps to increase, or decrease the supply, which switches the economic model from inflationary to deflationary and back as required. These events set the eMunie project back significantly! Here is a short video of an actual Radix test transaction happening through a standard point of sale machine.

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For example, lets assume that the entire eMunie network consisted of 1000 Raspberry Pis and that each could process 20 transactions per second.

Radix cryptocurrency also has some pretty big things in the works regarding the acceptance, and stability of radix tokens. Now chico crypto looks for working products, and of course the radix testnet has been functioning for since April of 2017. With partitioning, it is possible to configure the network so that the entire transactional data set is split into a number of partitions. He has been working on the consensus and technology for Radix for 6 years. Unlike Bitcoin and others, in eMunie every node is paid for work done in the system, and can claim a portion of the new supply according to that work metric.